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Salon Marketing Ideas – try this?

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New Salon Marketing Ideas – Try This?

Salon-Marketing-IdeasYou’re wanting new salon marketing ideas to grow your salon business – right?

Well firstly there are 3 ways (and only 3 ways) you can grow your salon business, they are:

  1. Get new clients.
  2. Charge more for the services you sell.
  3. Increase how much your clients buy. Either by more frequent visits or increased value of each visit.

That’s it!

New Salon Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Salon Business

As soon as the appointment book starts to get a little quiet, we go to internet in search of a new marketing ideas to get the salon ticking along.  Yet the hardest way to increase your salon income is to get new clients and grow your business. The cost of marketing can be huge. There are all sorts of marketing strategies from low cost host/beneficiary relationships through to the full blown newspaper/ media marketing strategies.

Don’t get me wrong, these can work if a well-thought out strategy is followed. But before you contemplate any external marketing please first answer this; do you know exactly how many you lose each week, month, year? The numbers may well astound you.

If you are getting new clients, but not growing, it’s not rocket science… you’re losing clients!

  1. Stop Losing Good Salon Clients. The key to growing your income/sales by getting more clients in the salon is to stop losing your existing clients and get your new clients back for a second visit. This is a matter of urgency for any salon. The key to resolving these issues are cause for an entire week long seminar!However a brief description here will have to do. Know your numbers weekly – they let you know the health of your business. They let you know what is working and what is not.
  2. Perform an amazing consultation, every single client, every single time. Ask open ended questions to find out how the client is feeling about their hair/skin. Find out their daily routine. Gather as much information as you can before you make your recommendations. Share your amazing knowledge! We can all be great some of the time, but are you being great ALL of the time?
  1. Invite your client back and explain why. A key recommendation is how your client needs to maintain their service. Tell your client exactly when they need to come back to the salon to get the result you have just discussed. Imagine if we had to figure out for ourselves when to return to the doctor. YOU are the expert!

Re-booking is just a result of how well you do this. Focus on one client at a time, one visit at a time – just focus on outstanding results. Make this a matter of priority and your salon will grow. Then you can add some marketing that will allow your salon to truly succeed at a way higher level.

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