10 Salon Interview Questions

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salon interview questionsWhen you’re faced with finding a new team member in your salon business, it’s critical you ask the right salon interview questions so you can really find out who this person is in front of you. A successful salon interview is based not only on the questions you ask, but also your intuition.  Watch the person’s body language when they answer your questions.  Ask a range of questions that they can answer easily and honestly, this gives you a good idea of their body language as they answer.  You will notice a change in their behavior when they answer a question that isn’t  really what they believe or they not entirely truthful.

Salon Interview Questions

Here are 10 salon interview questions you must ask:

  1. Describe your ‘dream job’?  Tell them to forget reality – make it fun! This can indicate what they are really looking for and if they are best suited to your vision.
  2. Describe your ‘dream salon’?  Again, encourage them to be unrealistic, this will help indicate the personality of your applicant and, like above, see if they are going to match your vision and the direction your salon is growing.
  3. Describe the best person you could ever work with? And then ask them to determine why that person would be the best?
    Listen carefully to what they say. For instance, if they say hardworking, it may be because team work is important to them or they have worked with lazy people before.
    It can also mean, however that they are lazy! You can sometimes determine this by their appearance or the way have stories or excuses.
  4. Describe the worst person you could work with? Push them for an answer. Watch and listen carefully – you may be amazed how people often describe themselves here, especially when they go on and on about something such as ‘other people back-stabbing’ – if they give it a lot of energy to this, it’s often their own trait!
  5. Have you ever worked with someone like that? (from question 4) and How did/would you cope/ deal with them? This can give you an understanding of their level of coping skills and if they ‘learn’ from situations or negatively dwell on past situations.
  6. Is there a hairstylist/therapist anywhere in the world that you aspire to? Why? If they don’t have an answer to this one – how passionate are they really?
  7. Describe the best client you could have? Determine why.
  8. Describe the worst client you could have? and
    a) Have you ever had a client like that?
    b) How did/would you cope/deal with them?
  9. Describe your Strengths?  Ask applicant to include personal as well as professional strengths in the salon interview questions. Let them take their time if necessary.
  10. Give me an example of how you have been (a strength they have mentioned) this week? For instance, If they say ‘organised’, ask them to describe something they have done in the past week where they were organised. This shows if they really are organised or if they just said it because it sounded good.

Don’t try to fill the silence and be their best friend – this is an interview. By giving them time to think about the salon interview questions, you may either find your perfect team member or know immediately that they are not suited. You’re better to find out now than a few months down the track after you’ve employed them! Take note of what they are saying and where they’re giving most of their energy and passion? This often indicates they are describing themselves, good or bad.

One final word – never employ a person if your gut feeling isn’t one of excitement. Happy interviewing!