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Hair Salon Procedures Manuals and Systems

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Hair and Beauty Salon Manuals and Hair Salon Procedures

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In this episode of the SO Podcast:

How important is it to have a hair salon procedures manual?

While hair salon procedures are important, it is humans that run it and the hair salon procedures we put in place should stem from our vision. A hair salon procedures must be created by the salon owner, just purchasing a predesigned hair salon procedures will often sit on the shelf and never be looked at. The Salon Success Club gives you an hair salon procedures outline and then with our coaches to offer help you create a hair salon procedures that is in-tune with your salon vision and suits your particular salon situation. hair salon procedures must work with or without the salon owner being their. It’s important to have checks and balances in place to ensure that the hair salon procedures is followed.

Stories, legends and fables are part of our human culture, we discuss using stories to establish your salon culture and how a strong culture is important to having a smooth running salon.


Steve: Now one of the really interesting things I was asked earlier on today was a lady on Facebook contacted me and I said we were doing this video series and she said to me how important is it to have manual. Now I said, So ok what do you mean, a sort of a hair salon procedures manual or do you mean a haircutting manual, or both? She said both how important are they? So what is your feelings on having a hair salon procedures manual for everything? How the business runs?

Karen: It’s very important. Do you know at the moment something that I have talked about a lot is we have come from the industrial revolution if you like and I believe we are now going to a human revolution. And in some instances I can see where things have become over hair salon proceduresised and when I mean over, and I am going to say this part first even though I think hair salon procedures are one of the most important things we need to do in our business. It’s like anything if we go from one extreme to another, either extreme isn’t good. In fact we were talking about that in Leadership weren’t we. And we have all done that we’ve gone authoritarian to a bit soft, and then found this lovely balance in between. Hopefully! So I think the same with hair salon procedures. hair salon procedures are really really important but they are humans that run it. And so the hair salon procedures that we put in place must stem from our vision always. Absolutely always. And that is why in our private coaching programs, and actually even in our Salon Success Club when we go through hair salon proceduresising and procedures and that is actually quite a big section, in The Salon Success Club as you know. And it’s really really important, I am not fan of saying, Here you go! Here’s your manual. Here you go put that in your salon. Because what happens with that, it ends up on the shelf collecting dust, it doesn’t mean anything. Who’s going to sit there and read through that whole manual when they haven’t written it themselves. So I am big on a hair salon procedures must be your own. Yeah get help by all means as we do, we give outlines and some formats and some examples. But it really really must stem from your vision. And what it is you want in your salon. hair salon procedures also only work if they work with or without the owner. So we might say to the salon make sure you send that information every week, but it didn’t arrive and their response is I wasn’t there. So that’s not a hair salon procedures. That’s just a well trained owner. So a hair salon procedures is so that each step something else is reliant upon it and then it might go to another person who is checking that. So for instance, consultation. I would go in and say ok guys lets look at your consultation forms and let me see how I can help you, but that was also my way of seeing that they have done it. So when you know that something is being checked you’re more likely to do it. Come on we are humans, doesn’t mean we are lazy, we are humans. And when, as a manager or a leader or an owner we need to be able to have a hair salon procedures where we can check that our hair salon procedures are being followed also. Having said that though is to have some empowerment within those hair salon procedures. So that if that team firmly believe in our vision and we constantly reiterate what our vision is and what we are about then they will make great decisions. And they will step outside of that hair salon procedures for Mrs. Smith because whatever is happening doesn’t fit inside this box. And how many times have we all been brassed off when a phone says, Sorry we can’t do that because I don’t have a box for that.

Anthony: What you’re saying is, hair salon proceduresise the ordinary and human the exception.

Everyone: Nice!

Karen: You could have saved me 5 minutes!

Everyone: (Laughing)

Steve: But one thing I love  to do because most hairdressers I have ever met would never sit and work through a hair salon procedures manual.

Dave: No, they are awfully boring.

Steve: And the times I’ve sat with salon owners and they have said to me, Oh, we’ve done our hair salon procedures and procedures manual. My next question is, Has anyone ever read it? The usual response is, Well they have to read it. What I believe, if you look at the biggest message probably anywhere is religion, look at the Bible for example. That is told in stories. And I think the way to run a hair or beauty salon, any business is you create a story. So you start building a culture within the company so that if you didn’t do your second consultation or your initial consultation the right way people would look at you as thought you were a nut case. Because we don’t do that here. We do it like this. And if someone didn’t rebook their client, all of a sudden they become the alien, because we actually rebook in here, it becomes self regulating.

Karen: It’s a culture isn’t it.

Steve: Yeah. I believe you should write a manual and I think that it’s really important particularly if you sell that business, that becomes very valuable.

Anthony: Well speaking to a real estate agent that sell businesses, having  a hair salon procedures and policies and procedures manuals in place will increase the sale price of a business. Because it shows that you’re not relying on the owner.

Karen: Well you’ve got something to sell.

Steve: There was a guy, I can’t remember remember maybe two guys in America. I might have the story wrong but the message is right. He decided to write a book, I think it’s called the blue book. And book contained all the different flight times for aeroplanes in every single airport in the states. Because what he was finding was that business people we spending so much time trying to find out flight times. He had this diary which was updated monthly. And he sold that book once he had finished it and the concept for more than the airline was worth.

Dave: WOW!

Karen: WOW!

Dave: That is amazing.

Steve: So it’s not so much the staff, it’s the information that is valuable, and how you put the information to good use. And that is why I think it is absolutely critical and I know when I run staff meetings mine is totally based around stories, if you ever watch me work, that’s how I do it. It’s all stories and analogies, things that people can understand. Because people remember stories. Hence the Bible and all religions.

Anthony: It’s establishing your culture or your religion, your salon religion. And part of that is getting the staff to buy into your vision.

Everyone: Absolutely.

Karen: Name it, love it, plan it, SELL IT! That’s what we talk about. Name what it is you’re going to do. Plan it. Make sure you love it, because if we love it, it’s so easy. Like right now we just love what we do so it’s just so easy to sit here and do all this in one take, just about, you know what I mean. And then sell it, sell it to your team, get them to buy into it.

Dave: When you think about the manuals you just don’t need to be, because the way technology has gone now, we’ve talked about technology and how it’s leveled the playing field. Even with things like a manual how can you present that manual so that people will remember. What is it that the young ones are doing on their phone all the time. Could you film it? Could you film the hair salon procedures? It’s just so easy.

Steve: You saying that I can remember one time we run staff meetings every fortnight they are normally about an hour long, I keep it to that. At the end of the staff meeting there is always a development action plan. So what have you got from it and they are meant to fill it out. I struggled like nut to try and get people to fill this stuff out and get it back to me. One text message, Can you just text me development action, instantly everybody texted back to me. Because one of the girls that works for us, she can text and talk at the same time about different subjects.

Karen: Our son used to text in his pocket at school.

Dave: And be 100% accurate. He still go the phone taken off him and had wouldn’t get it back.

Anthony: I stop cutting hair when I am talking so I am hopeless!

Everyone: (laughing)

Steve: There is actually a study done that they were talking about evolution and how much the human population is changing quickly. If you watch a lot of young kids now because of the gaming and text messaging their thumb has become their primary digit and if you watch them put a light switch on they do it with their thumb.

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