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Experiance Being a Hairdressing Client

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This episode of the Salon Opinion Podcast the team discuss the experience of being a client outside of your own salon.

Karen discusses being a full paying client in our industry and the effect it had on how she now perceives salon business. Anthony talks about how hairdressers are the best sales people in the world, just not when it comes to selling retail or services.

Steve brings up the question, “So how important is the consultation?” And Karen relates how consultations are the basis for her salon success. She also discusses the SECRET behind how she was able to do double the money other staff were doing in less time.

Anthony talks about now and then and why consultation is now the most important part of every service providers arsenal. Karen asks “Can you rebook before you have provided the service?” Steve tells us when is the prime time to build your business during the client visit. Steve discusses how we are fighting not only other salons but other businesses for our clients business.

The team cover scripts and words that will help elevate your service standards. Dave talks about how essential having a defined target market is and how salons need to focus on their “A” grade clients. Karen finishes with a story on how a clients don’t know what they want and why we must always give a full consultation.

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