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The business of salon business is just so exciting!

There isn’t a more successful business model like it (link here) and nothing is going to change that any time soon. What is changing massively though is how we manage our;

Branding and marketing
Salon team and
As a salon business owner you have everything in your favor to succeed and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes it might not feel like everything is going in your favor but rest asured that will pass and we’re here to help you.

The rules of salon business are changing – fast. Doing business the old way just isn’t cutting it (like the pun?) anymore. We’ve created The NEW Salon Rule Book – an A-Z of the new rules for salon business. Get your free copy here. This is an easy read and steps you through the new rules to manage and grow your business.

As salon business owners we have all the power. The power to be successful or the power to plod along struggling. That’s where Salon Opinion wants to help you. No matter the size of your business or where it’s at – there is something here for you. If you have the desire and hunger to succeed in your salon then we’ve created this for you.

Discover all that Salon Opinion Has to Offer

Discover the Salon Opinion website here, where you’ll find even more great salon business information, downloads, ‘how to’s’ and the awesome Learn Over Lunch – LOL.

Learn Over Lunch is a series of short videos and audios that you and your salon team can watch or listen to when there’s a few minutes to spare. Hugely motivating and inspiring, bringing up to date learning for your salon – from client service to the nuts and bolts of running your salon business.

Online salon business courses that cover every aspect of marketing, growing, and managing a successful salon business. These run from short courses to the incredibly popular Salon Success Club. This is a 52 week course that covers absolutely every aspect of marketing and managing your salon for less than the price of one haircut per week.

SO Magazine brings you the stories, interviews and inspiration from salon business owners and hairstylists all around the world. SO Magazine brings you the real stories from real people – raw honest and real. Real salon business information you can use in your salon right now. Up to date and relevant for your salon business,

Salon Opinion is Here to Help You

Salon Opinion is by the industry, for the industry and belongs to the industry.

We know success having grown our own salon businesses from scratch. We got a lot of things things right along the way, but we also made a lot of mistakes. And you know, those mistakes are what we learn the most the most from. We bring you the up to date and relevant information you need, to take a shortcut to success in your salon business.

Something that we’re really big on in Salon Opinion is realizing that it is time to take our industry back from the companies and lead it into the future. We’re not here to dis the companies, they’ve done a great job and they’ve moved our industry into the new era. There are so many amazing products out there now and they’ve provided our industry with career paths that once weren’t possible. But things are changing – they always do.

Every hairstylist has a story – what’s yours? We’d love to hear it

And of course – your opinion matters. SO let’s hear it…

The NEW Salon Rule Book

The New Salon Rule Book
The rules of Salon Business are changing. Here's your A - Z of the new salon rules - FREE!